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        Nuctech Official Site

        NUCTECH Named to APAC CIO Outlook Magazine’s “Top 10 Aviation Tech Solution Providers 2021”
        Recently, Nuctech has been selected as one of the “Top 10 Aviation Tech Solution Providers 2021” by APAC CIO Outlook magazine for its innovative solutions and influence in aviation security. The award is based on the independent evaluation by APAC CIO Outlook’s senior industry experts, featuring 10 of the most innovative and forward-looking solution providers in the industry, and it is intended to serve as a reference guide for the civil aviation industry to address changes nowadays and future challenges.
        During the evaluation process, Prof. Chen Zhiqiang, Chairman of Nuctech, was invited to be interviewed by the organizing committee and shared Nuctech’s innovation history and R&D achievements which were highly recognized by the evaluation committee. As Prof. Chen pointed out, Nuctech has always been true to its original aspiration and mission of “creating a safer world” by taking continuous innovation as the core driving force of business development, and ensuring the company has always been at the forefront of the industry through various ways, such as industry-university-research cooperation, independent research and development, and joint innovation with clients. In the face of COVID-19, such advanced technologies independently developed by Nuctech as the security checkpoint CT, integrated solutions and artificial intelligence platforms can significantly improve the security and operational efficiency of security screening, and also help airports make a low-contact and safe journey possible, thus effectively accelerating the recovery of the global civil aviation industry.
        According to Prof. Chen, Nuctech has been actively working with clients since the outbreak of COVID-19, and has rolled out a full range of innovative pandemic control products regarding disinfection, temperature measurement and isolation based on the actual pain points of clients. Nuctech has also integrated cutting-edge enabling technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics to help airports achieve organic unity among health, safety, security, efficiency, and passenger experience in the post-pandemic era.
        Published from the hub of technology, Silicon Valley, USA, APAC CIO Outlook focuses on leading trends in the Cloud, big data, mobile computing, and security for enterprise applications in Asia Pacific countries and the entire world, and aims to provide a platform for CIOs, CTOs, and other senior level IT buyers and decision makers along with CXOs of businesses to share their experiences, wisdom and advice.