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        Digital Transformation of Regulation and Management Helps Customs Address Global Challenges Posed by COVID-19 -- Prof. Chen Zhiqiang, NUCTECH
        The TECH-CON 2021 in its virtual mode was held by the World Customs Organization (WCO) from November 10th to 11th, 2021. As an expert representing the industry, Prof. Chen Zhiqiang, Chairman and President of Nuctech, was invited to attend the Session IV under the theme “Facilitating and controlling the movement of goods across borders with the exchange of electronic transport documents, certificates and X-ray images”.
        The Conference was held under the theme “Technology in support of Customs in the supply chain - A spotlight on relevant international standards”. The event attracted over 1,500 registered participants from 144 countries around the world, bringing together professionals from customs, private sector, international organizations, academia and industry leaders for online exchanges and discussions on international standards of importance for automation and interoperability amongst relevant systems and the improvement of efficiency in border management process. The application of international standards at different levels were also explored at the event.

        Prof. Chen Zhiqiang said that the digital transformation of regulation and management in the post-pandemic era would help customs cope with the pressure and challenges brought by the pandemic to the international supply chain and law enforcement, and that it would also be critical to promote the rapid development of a new model of cross-border trade which would be mainly based on e-commerce. To facilitate this transformation, Nuctech has been committed to pursuing innovation. On the one hand, Nuctech keeps launching advanced inspection technologies and innovative processes represented by CT for smart rail, elevated rail, and containers, etc., which significantly improve the inspection ratio and efficiency of customs. On the other hand, Nuctech has been actively engaged in the Unified File Format (UFF) initiative advocated by WCO while at the same time integrating it into the supervision and control command center. In addition, Nuctech has also been vigorously developing AI-enabled intelligent detection solutions to effectively enhance the intelligence of customs regulation and management.

        The WCO TECH-CON, which is held once a year, is an important communication platform for global customs to discuss hot topics and it gets a lot of attention and support from customs of countries worldwide. The leader of Nuctech was invited to attend this event and make a presentation on data standard which is a hot topic in the industry, and it has further deepened the cooperation between Nuctech and WCO and contributed Nuctech’s insights to the international standard setting of WCO.