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        Nuctech Official Site

        NUCTECH Ensures Security and Safety at Dubai Expo
        The Dubai Expo officially opened on October 1, 2021, and Nuctech, as its security screening equipment supplier, has provided more than 100 sets of security screening equipment, including equipment for the screening of personnel, parcels, vehicles and cargo.

        On June 3, 2021, the Head of the Dubai Expo Security Committee spoke highly of Nuctech for its outstanding performance and dedication during the trial operation of the Expo from January 22 to April 10, 2021 and issued a letter of commendation.

        Efficient Security Screening Solutions for Visitor at Entrances
        According to The National, a daily newspaper in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.), within one month since the opening of Dubai Expo, 2.35 million people have visited the Expo. The fast and smooth entry of tens of thousands of visitors and tens of thousands of staff every day would not be possible without the “intelligent security check channel + remote centralized image recognition” solution provided by Nuctech for the Expo at entrances.

        At the four visitor entrances of Dubai Expo, Nuctech has provided more than 80 sets of intelligent security equipment at security check channels. Each channel is set up with multiple carry-on package sorting positions to make simultaneous security check for multiple visitors possible. The highly automated transmission system enables visitors’ parcels to pass through the X-ray machines quickly to complete the security check, and the suspected parcels are automatically sorted. All X-ray security machines are connected to the Nuctech FlexOne remote centralized image recognition system which randomly and evenly distributes the scanned images of parcels, and the security inspectors are enabled to perform centralized image recognition and analysis in a well-conditioned indoor environment instead of staying onsite in a hot environment. The solution greatly improves the efficiency of security check and image recognition effectiveness, and saves labor costs, while reducing crowd congestion at security check points and reducing the risk of COVID-19.

        Baggage CT for Accurate Check of Complex Items
        In important security check lanes at Dubai Expo, Nuctech provides CT-type baggage/parcel inspection system which is capable of generating 3D scanning images of checked items. With the system in place, key and complex items can be checked effectively, and explosives, drugs and other contraband can be detected automatically. 

        New Security Check System Available at Entrance for Cargo Inspection
        In addition to personnel and baggage screening equipment, Nuctech has also provided Dubai Expo with a new rapid cargo/vehicle inspection system that is easy to deploy and relocate. The system is small and compact, with a folding cantilever, and can be transported as a whole as a 20-foot container. It can be deployed and put into use within 30 minutes after arriving at the security check site without additional installation or commissioning.

        Dubai Expo will remain open until March 31, 2022. To ensure the secure, safe and orderly operation of the on-site equipment at the Expo, Nuctech’s on-site maintenance team provides 24/7 technical support, delivering professional and reliable services.