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        Nuctech Official Site

        NUCTECH Attended International Airport Summit 2021
        International Airport Summit 2021 was successfully held by International Airport Review during October 18-22, 2021. With the theme of “Future Strategy / Operational Excellence / Managing New Reality”, the Summit brought together over 1,000 professionals in civil aviation industry from more than 200 airports in over 80 countries to discuss how airports are managing today’s challenges, leverage the latest innovations and continue to drive operational excellence. Leading speakers and professionals from around the world revealed how to continue to evolve their future strategies and shared their lessons learned.

        During the Summit, NUCTECH was invited to attend a case study session of the industry. On behalf of NUCTECH, Alex Chen, an expert on trace detection technology, made a presentation titled Tracing Threats to the End: NUCTECH Trace Detection Technology in Aviation Security, highlighting NUCTECH’s new trace detection products and cutting-edge technologies for civil aviation, and elaborating on the application of new TR products in passenger and baggage screening, air cargo screening, landside security, and aircraft security. While explaining the bottlenecks of existing trace detection technologies, Alex elaborated on the direction of NUCTECH’s innovations in trace detection technology, such as improving detection accuracy, trace vapor detection, and integration of trace detection technology with access gates and CT systems.
        During the Summit, NUCTECH also showed the demonstration video of NUCTECH’s new TR products through the online conference platform, which vividly demonstrated the application advantages of the latest trace detection technology to all attendees and gained more attention from the industry.